A collaborative, long-term, science-based program to collect water quality and water quantity information for the MWMA to define existing information and identify where water-related issues exist, fill data gaps, and provide information to others for use in resource management decision making.


Educating the community on natural resource management of the Morice Water Management Area (MWMA) environment and the implementation and effectiveness of plans within the MWMA by collecting and disseminating information on monitoring activities and providing results of monitoring, research, and baseline data collection, as follows:

Monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of any British Columbia / Wet’suwet’en government to government agreements, and related natural resource management activities, plans, and policies in the MWMA.

Collecting baseline data on habitat and water quality supporting salmon and other fish, and hydrologic integrity, that would fill information gaps or reduce information uncertainty, such that indicators of natural resource sustainability and ecosystem health identified in the Morice Plans can be efficiently and effectively monitored.

Providing credible monitoring research and baseline data collection results in support of environmental effects monitoring and assessment to enable continuous improvement of the Morice Plans resulting in better management of environmental values in the MWMA